I have been sharing images on Flickr since 2009, although I was not a particularly active user until part way through 2011.

One of the "great mysteries" of Flickr is the algorithm used to establish the "interesteringness" of respective images. I long ago stopped trying to understand the intricacies of what made one image more"interesting" than another. Suffice to say that a collection of images within any individuals Flickr photostream that have been identified as the most "interesting" are generally worth taking a look at.

What follows, therefore is a collection of images that Flickr deems to be my most "interesting" images. This collection will be updated every few days as new images move into the top group and older images fall down the pecking order.

A click on the appropriate link(s) will take you directly to my Flickr Photostream where you will find some of my most recent work